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Using this portal you can see an overview of our security capabilities for Confluent Cloud. If you are interested in Confluent Platform you may change views using the drop down arrow at the top of this page.

Confluent's product offerings are designed to support the needs of our enterprise customers for security, compliance, and privacy. Our customers operate in many highly regulated industries including financial services, healthcare, government, energy, and high-tech. We support security platforms at major financial institutions for information security use cases including security event management and fraud detection and response. Our customers include many of the largest institutions throughout the United States, Asia, and Europe.

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Confluent's Commitment to Data Privacy

ComplianceCopy link

Confluent is proud to announce that we have achieved an ISO 27701 certification with the audit finding no nonconformities or opportunities for improvement! This certification sets us apart in demonstrating our commitment to identifying, assessing, and managing privacy risks, helping to protect customers' data at all times. Learn more about our ISO 27701 certification on our blog.

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MOVEit Transfer Vulnerability

VulnerabilitiesCopy link

You may have seen media coverage over the last week around a cyber security breach related to MOVEit. Please note that Confluent does not and has not utilized MOVEit. Confluent is unaffected by this threat.

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Welcome to Confluent's Trust & Security Portal

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Confluent takes the security of our services very seriously. At Confluent we truly believe that transparency around our controls environment and the standards and processes we adhere to is of utmost importance. We are excited to announce the official launch of the Confluent Trust & Security Portal. By using this portal, you can request access to our compliance documents, review our standardized questionnaires such as the CAIQ and SIG and gain a general understanding of our security posture.

Over time, our team will make changes to this portal as necessary in order to provide our most up to date security information and compliance reports such as our SOC 2. You can use the Subscribe button to receive email notifications to ensure you are aware of important updates and changes.

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